WHO WE ARE - Gray Ram Tactical, LLC  is a conscientious, innovative consulting and training firm. Our unique training comes from vetted law enforcement and military professionals. Instructional topics are complimented with practical experiences of every instructor. Many of our instructors are published experts and recognized by various state and federal entities as certified specialists. We have successfully correlated their practical experiences into a comprehensive training program for various professionals to implement into their daily activities. 

OUR VISION at Gray Ram Tactical, LLC is to make communities safer places to live by educating all members of society to actively PREVENT, DETECT, and RESPOND to violence and emergencies. We do this by using practical hands-on training, thought-provoking discussions, and reality based scenarios.

OUR OBJECTIVE at Gray Ram Tactical, LLC is to offer consistent training to any entity regardless of size, location, or financial situation.

OUR INTENT at Gray Ram Tactical, LLC is to offer ideas and concepts based on available information and the expertise of Gray Ram Tactical, LLC Operators and Advisors. IT IS NEVER OUR INTENT TO CREATE POLICY.

OUR TEAM  is comprised of SWAT operators, military personnel, and other law enforcement experts. ALL INSTRUCTORS have undergone extensive training and are vetted to ensure they are the most qualified personnel to instruct your agency. Click on the pictures below for more information.






“Absolutely hands down BEST professional development day ever! This is something we actually could use & very helpful for us. The instructors were so knowledgeable and extremely personable and friendly. Well done guys!”

“A great course. I learned so much from this. This has really got me to thinking about what to do if any of these situations may arise."

“Outstanding -really got me thinking and seeing my room in a different way – different perspective"

“Very effective – made me think about what I can do to protect my students.”

“Thank you for coming, I was paranoid prior to this training – now I feel more prepared.”

“The training really opened my eyes to the many possibilities for safety, Thanks!”

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